How To Play Music At An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Become Perfect

How to play music at an outdoor wedding ceremony? If you find it interesting to try, let’s read our article below to gain further useful information.


Music is undoubtedly an irreplaceable part of every corner of our lives, and an outdoor wedding ceremony is not an exception. Why? It sets the tone for how the rest of this great event will be! A good fit of melody for the ceremony can also stir up the guests’ emotions, such as filling them with joy or moving them to tears.   

Yet, how to play music at an outdoor wedding ceremony perfectly? The first and foremost tip to do is choose the good and relevant songs that you tend to play. It can be romantic love songs, good hymns, singalongs, or some classical pieces. 

Of course, you can ask for some guidance to pick up from the background song to the processional and recessional one.

For more details, please read on to find out more about picking spectacular sounds color for this special occasion!

Bride Groom Dancing Near Arch Flowers
Bride Groom Dancing Near Arch Flowers

What Kind Of Music Do You Play At An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony? 

An outdoor ceremony is perfect for playing both live and recorded music. However, we highly recommend setting up a corner in the grounds for musicians or bands to play the list of nuptial melodies.

Many instruments perfectly fit this occasion, including piano, violin, guitar, and more. Yet, the sound of a certain instrument will not be as appealing as adding a piano to the quartet/trios or combining two trumpets with a harp. 

Thanks to its versatility, the best combination includes harpists, string quartets, and pianists.

Other suitable musicians can be classical guitarists, classical musicians and ensembles, gospel choirs, opera singers, and solo singers. Just choose your favorite instruments and ask the musician if these combos work best or not.

It is indeed still a daunting task to decide, as it depends on a list of considerable factors. Keep in mind that the size and type of your venue will come first on the list. For example, you should not have a solo acoustic guitarist in a huge outdoor venue because the guests may not notice the sound. 

Also, consider your wedding theme and budget carefully. The matter, after all, is that you always give priority to your musical taste. Let’s go for the kind of melody and instrument you love. It’s your day, darling!

Bride Groom Dancing On Lake Music
Bride Groom Dancing On Lake Music

In case you are still confused about your list of marriage ceremony songs, we would like to provide you with some good choices below:

Classic Songs

Here are some options when it comes to classic songs:

  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Mendelssohn
  • Canon in D by Pachelbel
  • I’m Yours by Stringspace Orchestra
  • Spring by Antonio Vivaldi
  • Wedding March by Mendelssohn
  • Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet by Nino Rota
  • Water Music by Handel

Love Songs

  • Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding
  • I Do by Jessie James Decker
  • A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
  • One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey
  • Make You Feel My Love by Adele
  • How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding
  • Oh My Love by John Lennon
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley
  • Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet

Time To Play Each Type Of Music At An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony 

Deciding the specific time to play melody up to the wedding program is also a key to celebrating a memorable day. 

Traditionally, there will be four basic processes: preludes, processional, interlude, and recessional.


Prelude melody is responsible for setting the mood for the event while the guests are arriving and taking their seats. 

People play this melody right from the start of the day or as early as forty-five minutes before the beginning of the occasion. That’s why it should be light, relaxed, yet not too intrusive.


Play Music At An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Play Music At An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to the professional, it will be the biggest moment of focus in the event – when the bride and her father enter the big entrance. You can choose the same song with the prelude part, but changing to another dramatic and highlighting song title will be perfect in this case.


You might want to add interludes to set off some significant moments, like taking a break in the ceremony to play that romantic and emotional song. Moreover, it is considered a nice addition to give your relatives and best friends a chance to perform.


Recessional soundtrack will be played to end the ritual. It should be a buoyant piece of the wedding that underscores your happiness. 

We recommend you aim at spreading a traditionally bright, optimistic, happy, and celebratory feeling while choosing the song for this event.

How To Make An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Become Perfect 

Apparently, there are many things to consider if you want to make perfect outdoor nuptials. Let’s make a list of song titles and details on when to play them. You can choose to hire some potential musicians, live bands, DJ, or use an iPod for the soundtrack. 

If you go for a recorded option, make sure that the speaker system is fully charged, and a trustworthy person will be in charge of controlling it. 

Playing The Violin At The Wedding Party
Playing The Violin At The Wedding Party

Live music is always more versatile than the recorded one, as you can ask musicians to play selected songs. Still, do not forget to take note of the number of guests to musicians ratio. 

A group of 200 will need at least a quartet. However, you can still hire a sound person and a duo or trio for a cheaper cost. Ask your DJ or band to go with an amplifier or a couple of mics, or you can pick up the guitars or string instruments to resonate more.

How Much Fees To Play Music At An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony?

Normally, fees to play music at an outdoor wedding ceremony cost around $200 to $500. It is quite reasonable for a live nuptial melody. However, the price varies widely according to the different types of ensemble you intend to book. 

Specifically, more musicians mean higher cost or the location, and the time of year will greatly affect the budget. 

There will also be some cost incurred, like an additional charge of the transport of such large instruments as pianos and harps.


In Conclusion

Have you got the best ideas of how to play music at an outdoor wedding ceremony through our suggestion above? It is a must to pay close attention to the music list to celebrate the greatest event in your life!

We hope that you can pull off the most memorable day for you and your guests. Good luck.