Two Wedding Bands Trend 2021 For The Soon To Be Married Couples

Two wedding bands trend are important items for newlyweds. If you don’t know how to choose and combine two wedding bands trends, the following article is for you.


People love the look of two wedding bands with their rings twitches together, symbolizing the eternal love of couples. In addition, these items can also reflect your unique style as there are several options for you to opt for.

If you are looking for suggestions on two wedding bands trend to prepare for the big ceremony of your life, let’s keep scrolling through this article!

Two Wedding Bands
Two Wedding Bands

What’s so Appealing about the Stacked Two Wedding Bands Trend?

What makes two wedding bands trend that hot? 

To be more specific, numerous factors make it appealing to us. Most people choose to wear two wedding bands for symmetry, as symmetry creates the perfect look. The easiest way to achieve this is to simply flank your engagement band with two identical wedding rings. 

Besides, these pieces of accessories stand for unity, eternity, and family. Couples exchange rings when they’re ready to spend the rest of their life with each other. On the other hand, the item itself also helps mark the cherished moments and important milestones of the wearer. Another reason comes from the appealing look of how the engagement band is ‘sealed in’ with two bands – creating a fulfilled feeling. It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Two Wedding Bands Trend
Two Wedding Bands Trend

How to Choose and Combine Two Wedding Bands Trends?

These two tasks are not as difficult as you think, even if you do not have an aesthetic eye. Rings that suit you are always better than those trending ones. If you do not have any idea, please refer to the ways to mix and match below:

Color that Suits You & Comfortable

You can opt for metallic colors like platinum, diamonds, silver, and gold. There are many choices thanks to alternative materials like wood, ceramic, titanium, and tungsten and for those who have different styles of fashion preferences. Keep in mind to pick the material colors you feel are most suitable for you, as well as bring the most comfortable feeling when wearing them.

Wedding ring
Wedding ring

Match the Style

Some people prefer to have different rings that match different clothing styles, colors, or even seasons. Still, it would be best if you take your partner’s preference into consideration while considering the option. Instead of choosing based on your styles, your partner and you should get yourself ones that match his one as well. Yet, wearing which kind of accessory is up to your choice – as long as you feel satisfied with what you have.


Casual and Formal

Choosing a casual or formal item is equally important. Those formal pieces are suitable for you if you’re an active, outdoorsy type. You can attract the eyes of those around you when you wear a formal and gorgeous piece of accessories. Or, if you have a job that involves working with your hands, casual-style ones are perfect for you. It helps you not to get stuck when doing housework.

Keep in mind that your partner’s opinion is also important! Ask them before making the final decision. 

Don’t just focus on choosing for yourself; maybe your partner won’t like it. Considering the styles of both is always better.

How Many Wedding Bands can be Arranged Together?

There are many ways to arrange them together; you can even make a unique combination that truly reflects your style. If you have no ideas, please refer to some of the ways below:

If you have an engagement band and still want to wear it, leave it sandwiched between two marriage tokens. This is a combination that is both harmonious and extremely wonderful. If your engagement band has a diamond, put a diamond in the middle and use colored gems for the others. In this way, they will look both elegant and fabulous. 

You can let the eternity rings lock the up and downsides of the wedding band. This arrangement contributes to the harmonious beauty of the items and your style. Let’s try to put it in order for a trendy look.

Wedding Rings Love Marriage Gold
Wedding Rings Love Marriage Gold

Should We Buy Together or Individually?

It depends on your preference. However, it is best to buy together for the following reasons:

  1. Buying the rings together makes more financial sense. In case you buy them separately when the combination doesn’t match, you can put those accessories in the box or even don’t use them anymore – This leads to financial waste.
  2. In addition to saving costs, you can consider many styles and then choose the one that suits you best. Get different items to define your style.
  3. The truth is, you can’t predict which rings will be trendy in the future. For example, you buy a ring this month, the next month there is a new trend that may might you feel regret about your choice last month. It would be a waste to discard the own one, yet having both of them will look gaudy somehow.

Cons of Having a lot of Thick or Thin Wedding Bands

In fact, having a lot of thick or thin wedding rings can bring variable disadvantages. One of them is that wedding rings can really limit themselves to appearing clingy and overbearing.
Consider again; you can use rings of different lengths in a few imperative cases. For example, an asymmetrical engagement ring can regularly be balanced by cautiously deciding on a marriage ceremony ring that fills out the stack.


So, do you think that the two wedding bands trend suitable for you? The choice is up to your preference. 

If you love trendiness and stylish accessories, you will surely love this trend!

As mentioned above, some people wear this item just simply because they believe in the sense of balance that the item brings. 

Here is an important note for you to keep in mind: Freely opt for any style and material band you like! Maybe you can look for the meaning behind the shape or material of the item for a better choice as well.