Wedding Dress Length Hem – Guide to Choose?

A perfect long fringed gown drags the concerns of wedding dress length hem. Click on this blog for useful tips and recommendations for your references.


One of the concerns about the bride’s attire is the wedding dress length hem. What and how should you tackle this problem? How to hem wedding dress? Scroll down to get the answers and useful tips from our wedding dress length guide!

Who does not want to look the most beautiful on their wedding day? Choosing a perfect wedding dress is a part of an exciting journey, and yet a great strain might come along the way.

The long fringe gown has never-ending popularity. The fairy tale might explain why. Take the gown of Cinderella as a salient example.

Real-life is still a fairy tale but full of unexpected events. Thus, reality needs careful consideration.

Wedding Dress Length Hem
Wedding Dress Length Hem

Material And Style Of Wedding Dress Length Hem

The Form of The Bride

Every choice should start with your main purpose. A perfect one is the most suitable. In other words, it can balance your wishes and reality. 

The top priority is in the form of a bride when choosing attire. Understanding your body type leads to a flattering length of the wedding dress hem.


Material And Style Of Wedding Dress Length Hem
Material And Style Of Wedding Dress Length Hem

There is a wide range of designs for bridal gowns. Five of the most common styles include:

  • A-line has a design that will complement all types of bodies. It is like a gown for a princess, with a flowy hem and cascade. 
  • Trumpet is ideal for those who have an hourglass figure and want to make their waist look small. 
  • Column flatters the slender and toned body types. The simple design with narrow shape shows off the curves. 
  • Mermaid flaunts the curves from chest to knee. The flare at the end of the gown makes a highlight. 
  • Ball gown creates the vibe of a fairy tale. It has a fitted bodice and a large skirt, which is suitable for all types of bodies.

Different designs have different lengths hem. As a result, the knowledge about various types of gowns can guide you on the creation of your own benchmark.


The most common fiber materials include polyester, silk, and cotton. There are distinct features in each content for different applications.

  • Point D’esprit is different from others regarding texture. The component of polyester might be a reason. It has the vibe of spring, summer, and even autumn. 
  • Chiffon provokes feelings of elegance by the delicate silk. It is ideal for summer and spring weddings. 
  • Organza is the exquisite result of silk woven in a traditional way. Thus, it is sheer and lightweight – a perfect choice for a marriage ceremony in the hot summer. 
  • Lace has either silk or cotton as its main components. It can be used year-round. 
  • Satin has the most ingredients of silk and nylon fibers. A structured hem prefers this material. 
  • Crepe is the blending of silk with a lightweight rayon. The crinkled and gauzy features make it a great companion of a classic gown. 
  • Dupioni goes against the conception of wedding attire. The beauty of being raw by the material of coarse fibers sets it apart. 

How Long Should The Hem Of The Wedding Dress Be?

There is no such thing as standard length. Such an ambivalent answer might cause frustration. Yet, it is true that no one can force you to wear either a long or short dress. The common recommendation is 1 inch from the floor/ground. Besides, the height of your heels is another considerable element.  

It is a matter of whether you can handle the disadvantages while enjoying its beauty. For example, moving around with a large gown might cause some trouble. Make sure that you are mindful of the potential downsides before opting for one!

How To Hem A Wedding Dress

It is a simple process with three steps. First, you need to measure the length of the dress. You can try it on with your bridal shoes. It is easier for you to visualize how long the hem should be.
You can cut the lower edge of the fabric based on measurements. Pinning the place for the width of your gown to finish the second step.
Finally, the customization starts! With simple designs and alterations, you can do it yourself. If it requires superb craftsmanship, you should ask a tailor.

How Long Does It Take To Hem A Wedding Dress?

The fact is you should not expect overnight achievement. Hemming a dress puts emphasis on exquisite craftsmanship.

More than one factor impacts the process. Thus, you need to have an overview of influential elements for better decisions. 

First is the complexity of the hem of your gown. If it has many details, you should invest not only time but also manpower. 

The material also plays an important part. For example, it takes more time to create a hem with chiffon, organza, or per se.

The Cost Of Editing The Edge Of The Wedding Dress Length

If the task of fixing is too much to handle, look for help from the professionalism of a tailor. The range of price for such exquisite works depends on the complexity of the details.

Shortening hem ranges from $20 to $25, while editing with rolled hem will cost from $35 – $45 per layer. Changing the whole shape of a gown will take you around $75.

The Importance Of Wedding Shoes And The Right Height

Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoes

For the bride’s attire, the gown comes first in the list of priorities. A pair of shoes will be the finishing touch – not to mention accessories. 

The ultimate goal is the balance between beauty and comfort. It is helpful to find the suitable height of bridal shoes to go with your bridal dress.

Being Beautiful

Choosing a matching shoe to your gown is important to make a perfect look for such a significant event. 

Your outfit and shoes should complement each other. Thus, the considerable elements are designs, colors, materials, and so on. 

Besides, the height of a bridal heel depends on how long your bridal outfit takes. You will have diverse choices with the long fringed one.

Being Comfortable

A comfortable shoe can help you welcome your ceremony guests without suffering from pain. According to some studies, 3-4 inch high heels can help maintain your comfort in an all-day event.

However, not everyone has the same perception of comfort. Some people consider being beautiful makes them feel comfortable, meaning that the difficulty of movements with a long fringed gown and towering heels is not a big deal.

For less hemming and hawing, the identification of your preferences will help.

Bridal Accessories

Little things have power. There is so much attention to the attire and bridal shoes that you may neglect bridal accessories. Veil, earrings, wedding flowers, necklines, etc., can make an attire more beautiful and meaningful.


Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress

Every woman might want to become a prince, especially on their wedding day. A long fringed gown is under the spotlight.

After reading this blog, the length of the wedding dress hem is no longer your corner. The choice of the length is up to your taste and your budget. Reality will not break down a fairy tale as long as you can maintain the balance between fact and fantasy. 

The knowledge about the tips, influential factors, etc., can reduce anxiety. Lastly, try to move carefully with the long wedding dress!