Find Out About Ecuadorian Wedding Traditions Ceremony

If an overseas marriage in Ecuador is something you’re considering in the future. Let’s read our Ecuadorian wedding traditions post to know more helpful insight!


Ecuadorian wedding traditions have spanned generations. Originating in the Northern Andean region of South America, these customs are still practiced today.

This special ceremony is full of tradition and symbolism. Each step of the wedding process has a deeper meaning, rooted in Ecuadorian culture and history. 

They are filled with beautiful customs and traditions that will make your big day truly unique. From the moment the bride and groom arrive at the ceremony to the final farewell, there are so many wonderful things to experience. Those are outstanding things that attract many tourists’ attention, both inbound and outbound. 

If you’re getting married in Ecuador or just curious about what goes on during a wedding ceremony, we promise that this blog post will be worth your time. 

We’ll explore some of the more obscure traditions, as well as their special traits and meaning behind them. Let’s scroll down to discover the useful info!

Wearing a wedding ringWearing a wedding ring

Religious Ceremonies Traditions In An Ecuadorian Wedding

Weddings are an extremely important occasion in the life of an Ecuadorian family. Thus, they are always prepared carefully in advance, like food, music, etc., especially choosing the location. There are two traditional universal sites of weddings in Ecuador: church and civil weddings.  

Church Wedding

As far as we know, Ecuador’s major religion is Roman Catholicism which has served as the major spiritual force throughout Western civilization. Hence, if you pick a church to celebrate, you are more likely to have your special day in front of a priest.

Church Wedding In An Ecuadorian Church Wedding In An Ecuadorian

One special thing about this form is that it takes place at night. And, the reception is at home, which resembles a typical wedding. What is more, the bride and groom can visit both of their families before settling on a church.

Civil Wedding

On the  other hand, civil marriage has a bit of a difference. It is usually just for family and close friends.

With this form, you can get married at the Civil Registry. You may even have a judge come to your home and play as the master of your event. That said, it will cost more money. 

Civil WeddingCivil Wedding

Wedding On The Beach

Apart from the traditional ceremony above, you may plan your big day on the “La Costa” coast, famous for its stunning beaches and romance.  Alternatively, if you like the wild or natural beauty, you may have “El Oriente” or the Amazon, the world’s biggest rainforest. 

Although this big event on the beach is a modern trend, traditional etiquette remains. Traditionally, they are blessed and joined as husband and wife by being showered in holy water after the ceremony. And then people prepare and enjoy food, drinks, booze, and soup to congratulate the couple.

Ecuador Wedding With Beach CeremonyEcuador Wedding With Beach Ceremony

Traditions And Customs Ecuadorian Wedding Ceremony

Customs Ecuadorian Wedding CeremonyCustoms Ecuadorian Wedding Ceremony

Unlike in the United States, where the bride typically wears white and the groom wears a tuxedo, brides in Ecuador can wear any color. And often, they’ll choose to wear something bright and colorful! Grooms will also typically dress in traditional clothing – which can be quite elaborate. 

Customs Ecuadorian Wedding Ceremony GroomCustoms Ecuadorian Wedding Ceremony Groom

You can find the familiar dress in the traditional Inca marriage event, and you will see the bride seldom marries in a pair of jeans or pants. Still, holding marriages in Inca have a different feature: a normal Inca wedding between two natives would take at least two days.

The first ceremony was held at the groom’s family home, while the second took place at the bride’s home. Both spouses were taught their responsibilities as husband and wife during these rituals by family members.

Have you ever dreamed of having this traditional event in Ecuador? If so, your dream will come true. Ecuador offers something for tourists who want to enjoy a romantic moment. 

This country offers various ceremonies depending on your preference and budget. You will have a real experience like other Ecuadorian marriage traditions.

That said, note that because you are not an Ecuadorian resident, you must get a 90-day tourist visa or a special 180-day visa extension and essential documents.

Food Ecuadorian Wedding Ceremony Traditions

The wedding traditions in Ecuador are prepared with diverse dishes. Make sure there is enough food with delicious tastes to cater for the guests.

Food Ecuadorian Wedding Ceremony TraditionsFood Ecuadorian Wedding Ceremony Traditions

The popular menu is a bowl of soup, and then there’s a platter of meat and potatoes. If that isn’t enough, the third dish of chicken steak is also available. 

After all, the menu depends on the region. For instance, the Serranos,  who live in the mountainous region, prefer corn or potatoes added to the menu. While, Costenos – people from the coastal region love to eat rice.

Besides, if you have attended this traditional ceremony, you will see guests always bring bags to take away remaining food to home, which means they always respect food.

Music Ecuadorian Wedding Traditions

To enjoy the full experience of getting married ritually, music plays a vital factor in any ceremony, especially when playing a typical Ecuador wedding song. And, we couldn’t skip the dance styles that come with it. 

Music Ecuadorian Wedding TraditionsMusic Ecuadorian Wedding Traditions

The combination of Quechua and Spanish languages in a song generates a perfect sound. Thus, hiring a traditional folk singer and a band could complete that well. 

It doesn’t matter if your dancing ability is not good. Just go with the flow and enjoy the happiest time of your life. Plus, the party might last until midnight, so it’s amazing to have a DJ and a nice sound system.

Music Ecuadorian Wedding TraditionsMusic Ecuadorian Wedding Traditions


How Long Does It Take To Plan A Traditional Ecuadorian Wedding And How Much Does It Cost?

The time to plan this special event can vary. The longest time might be the last ten months, while the average reception lasts 4-5 hours.

This is because they need to prepare many things, such as locations, food, music, the quantity of your guest list, and some other unpredictable problems.

While some couples choose to wait months before marrying, others want to tie the knot right away. The optimal preparation time should be three or four months.

How much does it cost?

In Ecuador wedding traditions, the groom and his family are traditionally expected to pay for this special event. Flowers for church, car decorations, and the bridal bouquet may cost between 200 and 800 euros.  An extra charge is required for a traditional folk singer and a band plus other event expenses.

Some people believe that getting married in church is expensive. However, it will not cost as much as you imagine.

Wrapping Up

After reading this article, you’ve got useful details about Ecuadorian wedding traditions. We’ve explored how Ecuadorian weddings are different from other cultures, from the food to the music and everything in between. 

The bride wears a beautiful, colorful dress. The groom has to be dressed in formal clothing. And they exchange rings as part of the ceremony that makes this important event so memorable and special. 

If you want to learn more about an Ecuadorian marriage or need help in planning your traditional event, reach out to us! We would love nothing more than to provide our services on your big day!