Reception Before Wedding – Planning For Your Special Day!

Are you planning your wedding? One of the most important things to consider is the reception before wedding. Check out this article to discover now!


No matter how well you plan your wedding, there are always a few surprises that come up. But one thing you can plan for with certainty is the reception. 

A pre-wedding gathering is a chance to celebrate with friends and family before your dream day. It’s an opportunity for the people who will not be invited on location but want in on all of those memories nonetheless. 

Here are some perfect ideas that will help make planning a reception before wedding easier!

Organize an outdoor wedding
Organize an outdoor wedding

Where Should The Reception Before The Wedding Be Held?

In the early years of mass love celebrations, when money was tight and large gatherings were expensive to organize, people would often rent dance halls so that friends could celebrate together. 

At this point in history, dance halls became popular – they could hold large crowds for those with more celebrations planned than their homes could accommodate alone.

These days, the most popular place to celebrate your greeting is at a hotel ballroom or a restaurant. But suppose you don’t like crowds or want more privacy for guests and participants alike, there are many other options available such as banquet halls that offer elegant surroundings perfect for celebrating this joyous occasion in style.

There’s no shortage of places where you can have fun before or after exchanging vows with the person who means everything! And if things don’t go exactly as planned? No problem! Many businesses offer flexible options.

Hence, the locations of a wedding intimate gatherings are various, depending on your wishes and preference.

Wedding reception wedding exit bubbles preview
Wedding reception wedding exit bubbles preview

When Does The Pre-Wedding Ceremony Take Place?

The pre-wedding party is a chance to get together with friends and family before the big day. It usually takes place about three months after an engagement, so plan by sending invitations at least one month in advance. 

If you are short of time, organizing a gathering two weeks before your big day is not a bad idea. However, you have to be conscious and have everything planned so as you won’t exceed your budget. 

Should You Hold The Reception Before The Wedding At Home?

Having a reception before a wedding near you is a great idea if you want it to be truly special and memorable. Your family will always remember how personal this type of celebration was, with all their friends around them cheerfully singing songs from when they were just as young.

However, it’s important to prepare for this event carefully or hire a planner because the house isn’t usually used as a gathering venue before your big day.

If you don’t take adequate time and precautions before planning out what will happen on such matters, there can be countless issues down the road.

The Wedding At Home
The Wedding At Home

Meal At The Reception Before Destination Wedding

BBQ Party 

No matter what style you’re aiming for, BBQ is a great option. It’s affordable and fully fun. You can choose your menu based on the style and budget that fits you best.

If money isn’t an issue, order food off of someone else’s restaurant or DIY some BBQ recipes from scratch, it’ll be sure to please guests with different dietary restrictions or at least make them happy.

BBQ Party
BBQ Party

Cocktail-Style Dinner

The best way to combat the anxiety of sitting with strangers at one table is by hosting a  cocktail reception before wedding ceremony. This means no seating charts. Instead, guests mix and mingle until they’re ready for bedtime. There will be plenty of food on hand so that you can snack as often or little depending upon your appetite.

To avoid any food allergies or preferences from being a problem, make sure to offer your guests several different options. These can include vegan/vegetarian dishes and dairy-free and gluten-free components. As a result, everyone will be happy no matter what they prefer. Or a pasta bar at a wedding might be a perfect idea. Learn more about this food corner: A PERFECT IDEA FOR WEDDING PASTA BAR

What Kind Of Receptions Do You Have Before A Wedding?

Engagement Party

Engagement parties are great events where everyone can come together and share their congratulations. The more people who attend, the merrier.

Why Do I Need One?

An engagement party additionally serves as a formal “announcement” to your beloved of your forthcoming marriage.

Who Will Host And Who Is Invited To Your Engagement Party?

The families of either party typically throw engagement parties to celebrate their engagement. These events can be hosted before or after a future love celebration day with other relatives and close friends in attendance.

Some couples end up having two engagements – one from each side – to make sure that everyone has time for celebration without cutting into honeymoon planning.

When Does An Engagement Party Take Place?

It’s not never too late to save your date for the reception for small wedding or small engagement. You should send out invitations about a month before, and it will be three months since you admitted your new bride into this world.

Where Is It Usually Held?

It usually takes place at the host’s home but can also happen in other locations like a favorite restaurant or bar where everyone will have fun.

How Much Does It Cost?

The perfect engagement party costs around $1000 to $2000. If you want an exclusive and memorable event for your bride-to-be with mostly family members, it should cost no more than 15 bucks per person.

Couple’s Or Bridal Shower

Why Do I Need One?

The pre-bridal party is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all and share some laughs with friends before your big day.

Who Will Host And Who Is Invited To Your Couple’s Or Bridal Shower?

The shower is a fun and enjoyable event for all of the guests. It’s typically hosted by someone in attendance, such as maids or bridesmaids who want to show their appreciation towards you- this could even be your parents.

When Does It Occur?

It is not uncommon for a bride to shower during lunchtime or brunch. Showers are often held between three weeks and three months before the big day, so it’s an ideal time in which you can get everything set up without worrying too much about commitments.

Where Is It Usually Held?

It can be held at any location that suits both parties, whether the host’s home or favorite restaurant.

How Much Does It Cost?

You might be surprised to learn just how expensive it can be for your bridal shower. The average cost of an elaborate, small-scale event is between $600 and $2,250, and that’s without any decorations or food.

Bachelor And Bachelorette Party

Why Do I Need One?

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are a time for the bride or groom to let loose before tying the knot. 

Who Hosts And Who’s Invited?

It is quite popular for the bride and her big day party to plan a bachelorette or bachelor party before leaving on her honeymoon. These parties often include many of their closest friends and any relatives that share similar ages with them.

When Does It Take Place?

It should be approximately a month or two before the ceremony. Depending on the timetable, it might occur more than a weekend either for a single evening.

Where Is It Usually Held?

Many bachelor party activities revolve around spending time with friends before tying the knot, but nowadays, many pre-wedding celebrations also include trips outside of town.

How Much Does It Cost?

Bachelorette parties are so fun, but they can be costly to throw. The average cost for one in 2021 is about $537 per person. On the low end, one-day parties start at around 150 dollars and can go up to nearly 1900 for five-day events depending on how long you’re looking!


Planning a reception before wedding is an excellent way to make your day more special. There are many benefits you can’t miss, and we want to help guide you through picking out the best venue for your needs and budget.

If  you look for a reception after the wedding or want help deciding which is best for your needs, contact us anytime. We’re happy to answer any questions about these decisions so that everything goes smoothly!